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Case Study

Sam aged 10

Sam was initially referred to Forest School in year 4 where he joined a weekly session consisting of 8 children. Sam was originally referred to us for low self-esteem, confidence and a lack of focus in class.


Sam was a well liked member of the group. Peers and staff alike thought highly of Sam as he was kind-hearted, avoided conflict and was very empathic. During his first few years in Forest school Sam made huge leaps in his confidence and self worth. Unfortunately, Sam’s last year of Primary proved very hard for him due to circumstance at home and we saw substantial setbacks in his progress. Sam started to spend a lot more time away from the group and increasingly more time on his own. In his Forest School sessions we would note that he would spend the majority of time just wandering around the site, not really engaging with peers or staff. This was a vast contrast to the Sam we knew who was always very chatty and positive. His mood had deteriorated, presenting quite low and sad with occasional emotional outbursts requiring 1:1 support away from the group. It was this notable change in his behaviour that we felt the need for more 1:1 support. 


Sam’s 1:1 sessions were completely child-led, with Sam often choosing to whittle sticks in the fire circle whilst chatting to one of the members of staff. This provided a great opportunity for Sam to talk about whatever was on his mind in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Sam became very open to staff about what was going on at home and how it was making him feel. These conversations proved incredibly useful as we were able to to talk through coping strategies with Sam and reinforce the message to Sam to talk to a trusted adult when he is struggling. 

Case Studies

John was referred to us in April 2019 due to his aggressive violent behaviour in class.

Sam was originally referred to us for low self-esteem, confidence and a lack of focus in class.

Ziyad was referred to Forest School when he was in year 1 because he was extremely quiet in class and lacked self-confidence.

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