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Primary Referrals

We receive lots of enquiries. Even if you hear we are full , please refer as we look at applications in the order they are received. 

Our Offer

We offer sessions to those children in Primary school in YR-Y6.  . Groups are no bigger than 10 children.

We utilise the Forest School Practice to support children and young people to be able to learn about, and better manage their social and emotional needs and behaviours. Over time this increases resilience and confidence and their ability to access their learning in a more academic setting.  Children and young people that need extra support away from the traditional mainstream school environment and curriculum benefit from spending time in our safe space. We have specialist staff who have developed our outdoor activities to engage the individual. We encourage emotional regulation and give the child or young person coping strategies which support them in their school placement.  

We ask that the placement is for a minimum of 19 weeks. The leadership team consists of an experienced Forest School Leader and a Research Psychologist. There are a number of additional Forest School Leaders and trained support mentors. The Forest School is quality assured through Achieving for Children.


Who can access the provision?

Referrals are made through the child’s or young person’s Local Authority or directly by the child’s named school. We will consider referrals from families outside of education, for example, Home Schooled children, on a case by case basis. 


Schools and Professionals can access the two pathways to referral

  • Refer Direct (DSR) No EHCP needed.

  • The Education Inclusion Support Service & SEN (EISS/SEN) This is done through the APPP (Alternative Provision Placement Panel) referral form below.  EHCP needed. 



Schools can refer directly to us by filling out the form below. This route is funded directly from the school.


The child will be known to the service and holds an EHCP. You will have been asked to refer by a professional from the EISS. This route is part funded by a child's placement. 

When are the sessions?

Our Direct School Referral Groups run on a Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. You can select 1-3 days. Time: 0900-1200

EISS Groups run on a Thursday & Friday.

You can select 1-2 days.Time: 1000-1400

I'm a parent, can I organise for my child to attend?

Parents and Guardians 

To access the provision talk to your child’s Headteacher, SENCO or your Social Worker or Case Worker who may be able to refer your child to us.  

Home School / EHE Parents 

If you are a home school parent or a parent with a child out of education because of SEMH difficulties, fill in the referral form and tick the relevant section and we will be in touch. 

I'm ready to refer, what do I do?

Complete our referral form below and select which route you are referring by and we will contact you by email usually within 24hrs to arrange a discussion and observation. 

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