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Mu daughter Aysegul attended the christmas club and the chicken/rabbit feed this christmas. She told me that it was the greatest day of her life. Thank you guys for teaching our kids to have great time out in the nature. :)


Loved it ! My daughter came out skipping with joy everyday. She loved ‘everything about it’ but a major highlight was petting the chickens. She asked if we can book for Christmas already :) thank you !


My daughter always has a great adventure and always wants to go back.


My son was absolutely happy, and he wants to come again. He probably never touched a chicken before.


Ava absolutely loved the session. She was kept busy and enjoyed a variety of activities. We’ll definitely come back.


We loved feeding the chickens, we were a bit nervous at first as they were really hungry but once we got in and they were fed we were all very happy. Olivia picked up Croissant and Fluffy bum. Maya found 8 eggs!


Harvey always comes away happy and lively! He loves the freedom, the independence and the adventure of forest school and it’s so good for him to get that fresh air and time to be messy and young! Thank you Laura and Kay


This has been my kids' favourite camp of the summer. They love that there is free play and they can choose what to do. They're very fond of Laura and Kay, and they enjoy the choice of activities, whether it's building a fire, being with the chickens, or braving the slackline.


Em had an amazing time as always. Thank you for all the adventures and for helping build her confidence.


My daughter has been attending forest school for a few months and absolutely loved every session. There are so many fun, creative and messy activities - den building, camp fire, storytelling, feeding chickens to name a few. She comes out with a big smile after every session.


From a child - I loved forest school, and all the activities that they do there. I can’t wait to come back! My favourite bit was the crafts (and the chickens! And the climbing, and the hot chocolate…just all of it!!)


Our daughter loves forest school! It’s the only type of holiday camp we can get her to go to. Come rain or shine she’s happy to go and comes home full joyful stories of all the fun she’s had and friends she’s made. We can’t recommend Forest School enough!


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