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The Bunny Money Hunt!

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Saturday 25th March, Three Bridges Path, KT1

£3 per child on the day, £5 for two children.

Pay on the day, cards accepted.

Open for all children and families 10am - 2pm

Come and take part in a fun family activity for all ages and abilities at Forest Schooling UK and help the Easter Bunny find his Bunny Money. Take part in an Easter treasure trail and see if you can complete the clues to receive your share of the Bunny Money from a grateful Easter Bunny.

All proceeds raised will help buy real bunnies a home on our Forest School site

  • Help the Easter Bunny

  • See our site and find out who we are and what we do

  • Meet our staff

  • Say hi to our chickens

  • Meet the local community and local organisations

  • Afterwards stop by the nearby Spring Grove pub, who have generously supported the event.

What will the money raised be spent on?

After the successful arrival of the chickens last year we have decided to expand our little sanctuary and introduce rabbits for the children to pet and engage with. We are looking for donations for an impressive rabbit run and playpen for under our apple trees.

The chickens have been a huge success with children being able to pet and interact with them every day. We have had families come in the holidays and feed and play with the chickens. The eggs have been well used by all and over the year we will have given over 2,500 eggs away!

We have identified the same manufacturer as the chicken coop, who make fox resistant enclosures. You can read about the system here. This allows separate spaces to be connected by a series of tunnel tubes, creating a fun environment for the rabbits and children alike.

These enclosures are expensive but necessary on our site because we are visited by foxes. If you feel able to donate, even a little, to help us get this project 'bouncing' along please follow the link below.

More Information

Zippi Rabbit Runs and Playpens are the easiest way to give your pet rabbits a large, secure exercise and play space. Quick to put up, light to move and expandable, these rabbit playpens provide endless opportunities for you and your rabbits to share time together. For hands-free rabbit transfers simply connect your rabbit’s hutch to the run using the brilliant Zippi Tunnel system and your rabbits will be free to explore and play whenever they like. Watch the video below to see how you can create an exciting playground for your rabbit

Read about the system here


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