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St John's Class 3 at Kingston University

Class 3 from St John’s School Kingston had a fun day of Forest Schooling at the Kingston University Campus today, with whom we have formed a new partnership. The children had a full day of pond dipping, den making and fire lighting topped off with lovely marshmallows.

Children were challenged in teams to make a fully waterproof den using only one tarpaulin and one rope. There were lots of ingenious ideas, with lots of weatherproof dens, though some did get a little damp when the “storm” came along and tested their dens with water! The pond dipping produced two newts, which was quite a find, as well as mosquito larvae and water snails amongst others. The children spent lots of time with their nets discovering different wildlife.

After a sunny lunch we walked to our second basecamp of the day, through the University to their woodland trail. Once there, the children were shown how to light fires using fire steels and left to their own devices under watchful eyes to create their own. Lots of fun was had trying and learning. We then had a good run around before some marshmallows on the main fire, they were so good we had two each 😉

Thanks to all the volunteer parents and many thanks to the Kingston University staff and students who came along to assist us. A great day was had by all.


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