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Hello from Caroline and Sam!

During lockdown we have been wondering how Caroline and Sam are getting on. Sam is the very well received Pets as therapy dog that visits our school and forest school on a regular basis. We asked Caroline what they have been up to during lockdown.

In the early days of lockdown Sam could only go for one walk a day so we played games in the garden with him and made an agility course. He missed being able to socialise with all the other dogs in the park but at least he had Merlin to play with at home. 
Every Thursday we would take Sam and Merlin outside on leads while we clapped for the N.H.S at 8pm with our neighbours, which always felt special. He was lucky that we could buy his usual food so he didn't have to worry that there were shortages of flour and pasta! In fact because we were always at home like every dog they enjoyed that. 
Sam misses you all and we both can't wait until things return to "normal" and we can be back in school to see you, meantime we send our love to you all .


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