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All OWL energy is green energy

We were very fortunate earlier in the year to be awarded a grant form the Institute of Physics to install a renewable energy project in our outdoor classroom. We have recently completed the installation and now have power and lighting in our building.

Year 5 helped install all the components, including our wind-turbine, solar panel, controllers, battery and inverter to provide lighting and 240V mains supply to the classroom. We can generate 500W of power, which is more than enough to keep our battery topped up with energy.

We connected low wattage LED lighting to the supply and have a very bright classroom as a result! We also have two 240V electrical sockets and four USB outlets for charing microscopes, tablets etc.

We would like to thank the Institute, without their help we wouldn't have been able to carry out the project. The children were all interested and involved throughout the installation and we are all extremely proud to be able to say all OWL energy is green energy.

Our turbine and solar panel on our classroom roof

Our new lighting all powered from the sun and wind.

Our battery box and "power station"

Our new posters explaining to visitors and the children how our energy is produced along with our Eco Promises


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