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Adding mature trees

We have been so fortunate to have received 8 donated mature trees from Scotscape Group Ltd and to have them transported to our site by idverde . A Big thanks to Robin at The Community Brain for arranging the opportunity, Angus Cunningham CEO at Scotscape and Andrew Robinson Community Development Manager at idverde for their support for Forest School and St John's School. The trees will certainly fill the spaces we have and create new spaces and devision from the sports field making our outdoor site even more magical.

We are absolutely delighted to have added the trees in only one week. They really help lead the eye around our space and will grow to make new hiding spots and areas for the children. A big thank you to Jack for going above and beyond and to Mr Hemmings for all his help with shifting and lifting - they were huge trees but we did it!

Jack (who almost planted all the trees single handedly!) starts to move the trees into position

Some of the trees in their new positions
Lots of little hands on deck to help dig the holes
Sam pretending to dig a hole :-)

Y2 were very keen to get digging to help out

Measuring the holes to check the size

Watering the trees once they were planted

Lots of helpful suggestions

Wriggling a tree into position

Two of the new Silver Birches in the allotment


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